Modern, Practical and Advanced Game Fowl Management


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Makuri Makuru
Makuri Makuru

About the instructor

Rafael Blanco Lising a.k.a. 'Makuri Makuru' is a game fowl consultant and specialist.

A native from Tampo, Botolan, Zambales, he is a game fowl breeder and cocker. He graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) major in Banking and Finance at New Era University. He is a graduate of TJT Cocking Academy Batch 115.

As a lover of music and the arts, he is a licensed disc jockey (DJ) under the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), artist and repertoire of VIVA Records (Philippines) and Alpha Records, freelance record producer, musician and art director.

He is also a former videographer of Bakbakan Na TV, former purchaser at Dr. Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital (JDMH).

He has been joining local and international derbies.

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About This Course

If you want to learn about modern, practical and advanced game fowl management, you're in the right place. This course is going to introduce you to the way experienced game fowl breeders make sure they're going to find success managing game fowl.

Course Overview

This course will cover modern, practical and advanced game fowl management.

How This Course Works

Each lesson in this course will include the following:

  • A presentation that will help you get started on each topic of game fowl management.
  • Bonus material that will help you work on each topic.
  • A video that will show you what to do at each topic.
  • A resource list of relevant material from The Sabong Chronicles.

Course Contents

25 Videos
2.0 hrs